Our Team

Khan A. Waheed
(Director/Founder, ArabicExpert)

Having worked for different MNCs like TCS, CMC Ltd, LionBridge Technologies etc. as an Arabic translator, Arabic interpreter and Arabic trainer, Mr. Khan came to know the idea of opening his own firm specialized in providing translation services in Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages. Mr. Khan boasts of possessing excellent nine years of Arabic translation and Arabic interpretation and Arabic training/speaking. He is responsible for working with other team members of ArabicExpert`s Arabic translators, Turkish translators, and Persian translators. Being himself an Arabic translator, Mr. Khan has gathered an excellent team of Arabic professional translators, Turkish professional translators and Persian professional translators from India and across the world. He is responsible for translating/supervising the translation works for Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages.

Mr. Ali Al-Wasouf
(Translation Head)

Mr. Al-Wasouf is from Syria and Arabic is his mother language. He is responsible for final step i.e. fifth step of our methods of translating Arabic, Persian and Turkish documents. He is also a good voice-over artist. He possesses PhD in Arabic translation and Arabic interpretation. He is visiting faculty, Aerospace Engineering & Space Science and Technology, Amity University, Noida, UP, India.

Mrs. Azka Salim
(Marketing Head)

Mrs. Azka is responsible for translation, business development, marketing, and strategic partnerships for ArabicExpert. Her immaculate knowledge of languages and cultures makes her indispensable and integral part in any linguistic endeavors; since our incorporation, bringing with her significant experience in areas related to the needs of the rapidly growing linguistic correlated accomplishments.

Mr. Wakkas Vohra
(Public Relations Officer)

Born and brought up in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Vohra is responsible for interviewing translators and interpreters for Arabic, Turkish and Persian languages. He diligently carries out the interview process from all linguistic angles.