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  • What does the Speak Arabic Today Course entail?

    Assalaamu Alaykum Everyone

    During this course of the Arabic classes and Arabic courses, the primary aim is to speak the Arabic language, as the title suggests. Arabic Expert has developed one of the most practical and successful curricula in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. It is an Arabic speaking classes oriented-curriculum that has been filtered and perfected through more than nine years of its operation in providing spoken Arabic classes and Arabic courses in Mumbai and across India.

    Since the Middle East Countries give a number of opportunities to skilled and non-skilled professionals from around the world, the number of those keenly interested in our conversational Arabic courses and Arabic speaking classes has significantly increased. It is quite obvious that these professionals prefer learning the working knowledge of the spoken Arabic language course rather going to the details of towering value and excellence.

    It is important that the students realize from the start that there are two types of the Arabic language spoken in Arabic speaking countries. One is spoken at home, or in public place, but it is not written. The other one is that which is spoken on televisions, radios, colleges and universities etc. But, the syllabus of Arabic course and Arabic classes or Speak Arabic today, which is followed by Arabic Expert, is combination of both, i. e. Colloquial and Standard Arabic.

    Will this Arabic course help you understand Al-Quran, Arabic Broadcasting, Arabic Newspapers?

    Yes, definitely! Because we teach the Spoken Fushah (Standard Arabic) as well as Aamiyyah (Colloquial Arabic). Fusha (Standard) Arabic is the language found in Al-Quran and in most books, magazines, and newspapers.

    How is it possible to learn & speak Arabic twice or thrice a week?

    It would be very difficult to learn any language, if the only exposure is twice or thrice a week. Students are therefore encouraged to practise the spoken Arabic and written Arabic words and sentences covered during the Arabic classes and Arabic courses - on a daily basis. Spoken Arabic audio and video materials will be made available to help with this process. It has been proven that if one listens and repeats the same sentences (with understanding) a few times, this helps a lot with communication in Arabic language. Furthermore, a number of oral and written exercises of Speak Arabic Today will be done weekly (which should be revised daily). This ensures success. The students who attended Arabic Learning Course by Arabic Expert last year, successfully managed to learn and communicate in colloquial and standard Arabic spoken throughout the Arab world. Due to their grammatical understanding, they could add to it and produce their own paragraphs and dialogues – which they presented orally towards the end of our spoken Arabic classes and Arabic courses.

    About the trainer

    Abdul Waheed Khan holds master degree in Arabic and English languages translation, interpretation, and training coupled with nine years of teaching, translation, and interpretation. Through meeting Arabs from all walks of life vis-à-vis business delegates, tourists, exhibitors, patients etc. belonging to different countries where Arabic is spoken as a first language, A. Waheed has acquired knowledge of almost all major Arabic accents spoken throughout the Arab world. During his professional career, Mr. Khan has earned multiple awards. Creative Arabic writing, speaking Arabic language, both colloquial and standard Arabic has been his hobby during free time. Having studied Arab history and Islamic Sharia along with keen interest in knowing latest developments in the entire Arab world, Mr. Khan is very well aware of business scenario, politics, cultures and moods of Arabic speaking people.

    !!!شكرا جزيلا
    Shukran Jazeela!!!
    Arabic Expert & Team.