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Arabic Expert, has an extensive panel of highly qualified native-speaking Arabic translators, Arabic translator and Arabic interpreters offering general as well as specialized Arabic translation and Arabic interpretation services in various fields including pharmaceutics, medicine, law, IT, economy, intellectual property, etc. for many major government and private sector clients.

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, language barriers can constitute a significant obstacle for your product or service. Getting the right multilingual solution can open up new markets and provide you with new customers across the world.

Our services aim at meeting all needs of the client to avoid dealing with several different providers across Spain. This ensures that strict deadlines are met and guarantees optimum quality in the end product.

We offer Arabic English Arabic language translation, editing and proofreading services to public authorities, firms and departments who perform in-house Arabic translation and Arabic interpretation at very competitive prices. Moreover, we are competent and well experienced in simultaneous and consecutive Arabic interpretation and Arabic translation for conferences, seminars and other local, regional and international events.

We have many years of experience in the field of consecutive and simultaneous Arabic translation and interpretation. More specifically, we have extensive experience in providing Arabic interpreters for various types of legal and business issues. Our clients are comprised of law firms, insurance companies, contracting multinational companies, media firms, financial institutions, chambers of commerce & industry, in addition to several ministries, authorities and government departments. We also provide accredited written Arabic translations for legal and scientific documents as well as many other topics.

Most common Arabic translation services offered are explained below:

We provide Arabic to English translation and Arabic to English interpretation services, Arabic classes, Arabic courses, learn Arabic online, Arabic learning online program with highest quality in Barcelona and other cities. We offer discounted price on big projects.

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